home kits

Lighting kits

Home kits change the life of households and small businesses who do not have access to a reliable grid.

Offering the possibility to extend and develop safely and freely one's activities, the solar home kits become quickly indispensable in everyday life.

Kit PP4200

Entry level kit 3,25V

The ideal solution to provide light, charge a mobile phone and power a radio.

Run time : 16h with one lamp

Kit PP8000

Charging station kit 3,25V

The power and comfort of solar home kit for family or professional use

Run time : 14h with one powerful bright lamp or charges 4 smartphones


Kit VIP 9800

Deluxe kit 12V

The latest in the range that can meet high demands for energy to power lights and numerous electrical devices such as fans, TV, projectors, lights, tablets PC

Run time : 10h with three lamps of high lighting intensity


Kit VIP 9800 & TV

Deluxe Kit with TV 12V

The high-end of the range to watch TV, light a room and load small electrical devices working with 12 volts

Run Time : 10h with TV